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XFStop Mobile Style

XFStop Mobile Style

XFStop Mobile is a style to be optimized for mobile phones. The point of this style is to slim down XenForo's default style cutting out certain features that may not be appropriate to use on a mobile device.​
On your mobile phone browse to: http://xfstop.com/m/
** Note I use XFStop.com as a development forum so things on there may not be in the exact version for download​
XFStop Mobile is an ongoing project that I will do the best to support. Between a 40 hour a week job, going to school and raising a son on my own my time is indeed limited. Any suggestions you may have or bugs you may find please feel free to post here.​
  • Download the attached style
  • Browse to your Admin CP
  • Click "Appearance
  • Click "Import a Style"
  • Browse to file you just downloaded and hit ok, then import
Final Notes:
This style is not complete in the sense that I currently don't have a way of detecting the mobile style on the phone. Basically when you browse to your website, you have to manually change to the Mobile style while on the device. Hopefully I can partner up with someone in releasing such a feature but for now this will do! There's many things that I want to change or do better so this will be an on going project.
Any suggestions please feel free to post them in the thread, I'm open for ideas and again I will do my best to keep up with this.​
This style is in beta version so bare with me​
You may not remove the copyright link at the bottom unless you follow the instructions below
** To remove XFStop branding and to help contribute to ongoing development please feel free to use this link below and contribute a minimum of $20, anything extra is appreciated of course. Please know this is in no way mandatory by any means! If you do donate please send me a private conversation on XenForo.com and I will guide you on how to remove it if you have trouble.​


Hope this helps improve!

Cezz has developed a nice working auto-detect add-on actually, this project has just been put on the back-burner again, my apologies everyone. On a good note, KMA have made some comments about the mobile style they are working on :).

As for my absense there's really no excuse other than since I moved out I've just been spending a ton more time with my son and girlfriend and have sort of neglected my online obligations(none of which are contracts so that's good ;p). So it's a good thing for me, but much apologies guys.
Russ i am glade to see you around here. I really thank you so much for the work you put in this mobile style. I am happy that you finally got some time to spend with your family and wish you all the best . Take Care My Dear Friend
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