XFRM API keys for this site?

DragonByte Tech

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Would it be possible to request an API key for the XFRM, so that we can automate releasing updates to our existing resources (and possibly also new resources themselves)?

Those of us who host our downloads on our own sites could benefit from being able to automate posting new updates, and what better way to show off the capabilities of the REST API? :D

Since there's no userland API key management at the time of writing, I know keys would need to be exchanged via conversations, but rather than cold-call the staff I thought I'd post in public in case other developers wanted to chime in with their interest as well :)


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This would make releasing updates less painful. Current workflow is opening a new incognito tab, logging in to the XF account, going to each add-on to release a new update, converting markdown to BBCode, a bunch of c+p and then releasing.