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[XFR] Infractions


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Add-on for XenForo
User Infractions v.1.0.3



This is an additional tool for administrators and moderators, which I made by request of one of XenForo users, who runs couble of big boards.​
This add-on allows to give warnings and infractions and by that control user's behaviour.​

How it works:

Moderator or administrator can give infraction for any message. Infractions can be combined, so you can give for example infraction "Flood" and "Spam" for the one message.​
You cannot give infraction for the message, for which infraction has alredy been given.​

For each infraction user gets some amount of infraction points. When user gets an infraction, add-on controls total amount of points for active (not expired) infractions and if the sum exceeds the ttreshold set by administrator, the user automatically gets a ban for a period specified in the settings of add-on. When giving an infraction you can alert the user by checking the checkbox in the column "Warning". In this case, the points for the infraction are not issued.​

When user gets an infraction, he also receives an alert and add-on automatically sends email with notification.​

  1. Copy contents of "upload" folder to the root folder of your forum.
    Please, be careful, some FTP clients could rewrite contents of the destination folder!
  2. At the control panel in the section "Add-ons" choose "Install add-on".
  3. Choose the xml file from archive to install add-on.
After installation:
  1. You should set permissions for the user groups. You can use the following scheme: moderator can give infractions and remove own infractions, administrator can remove all infrations.
  2. Define some infractions in the control panel. You can do this in the section "Applications".
  3. You can change default settings in the control panel.
Known problems:
  • Add-on will not work correctly, if there is [DBTech] Users Viewing Thread add-on installed because of the way, in which that add-on works.
  • There could be some problems with permissions if all the data where imported from vBulletin (currently moderator can't see the "Remove infraction" link).

Developers are not responsible for mistakes made by the user during installation.​

Please, consider that this is not perfect add-on and i'm working on some features (such as infractions for profile posts), so if you find some bug, please let me know about that bug.

PS. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
PPS. Wish to have all those hooks in the Master style by default :).


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Very nice! I only used infractions for Spam to infract and ban. Wasn't planning on that for here, but I did plan on writing this at some point. Bravo!


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Great addon Pepelac. Would have used it if it weren't for the known problems. I would unistall the "[DBTech] Users Viewing Thread" addon for this one, but since I have imported data from my former vBboard this has to wait. Looking forward from you and your future work.


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What known problems?

Edit: That sounded dumb. I know what the known problems are from above, but no idea what errors, etc. is given.


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Looks like it works great, but I can't see where to delete or edit the infractions once they are given.

Edit: Never mind. It's a link that says (oddly enough) "Remove Infraction". Seems I'm blind.


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Any progress with these "known issues" Pepelac ?
The first (with the DBTech add-on) is the problem of the DBTech add-on itself. Developers of that add-on should consider about other way of adding content of their add-on to the templates.
I'm working with the second issue, i think that i'll figure what's going wrong till the end of this week (got too much work to do).


I would like to know this as well. I manage one big board still, and they infract almost hourly due to the nature of the content, and they'd love to keep using this in xf


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Anyone know how to get it working with DBTech's Mod? This is something I really need,but I can't as it clashes with that mod.