MG 1.1 XFMG Videos - Size, Compresion, Etc.


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Hey All!

I've got XF Media Gallery installed and our members love it. They are requesting we support video uploads, but I'm not sure that's a good idea. Storing unlimited images is one thing, but videos is another beast entirely.

A few questions for those of you who have experience with XFMG and Video Uploads:
  1. How much does XFMG compress / optimize videos?
  2. What is the average MB size of videos your members upload?
  3. What is the average length (time) of videos uploaded?
  4. (Obviously that data can give us the MB/minute of video)
  5. Any other thoughts about allowing video uploads?
I can see situations where people try to upload 2gb videos from their DSLR's. If we have just a couple members doing that every week, and XFMG doesn't compress videos very much, I could see us eating up our disk space pretty quickly!

Thanks in advance for your help & ideas!

Chris D

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In XFMG 1.x we only do any compression of videos if it requires transcoding - meaning it is not in a format compatible with most devices.

Transcoding with the settings we use does compress videos pretty well while maintaining decent quality.

In XFMG 2.0 there is an option to transcode all videos regardless. This will use the least amount of space.

If you’re concerned about disk space usage then obviously you won’t be allowing 2GB file uploads :) You’d have to limit it to what seems reasonable. You could also impose a quota on each member. Or if you have premium or senior members allow it as a perk for those.


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Thanks @Chris D !

The issue is that these days it's super easy for a video from a cell phone to quickly get into the 500+ mb size for a 3 minute video.

I guess I'll wait until I upgrade to 2.0 before I allow video uploads to force-transcode (compress) all videos.