Not a bug XFES Similar Threads widget uses wrong macro call

DragonByte Tech

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In the template xfes_widget_similar_threads it uses <xf:macro template="thread_list_macros" name="item" instead of <xf:macro name="thread_list_macros::item", which means thread type extensions do not run.

The same problem exists in the other thread_list_macros call in that template.

I have an extension point like so:
    <xf:extension name="thread_type_discussion">
            <i class="structItem-status structItem-status--dbtechTicket" aria-hidden="true" title="{{ phrase('thread_type.dbtechTicket')|for_attr }}"></i>
            <span class="u-srOnly">{{ phrase('thread_type.dbtechTicket') }}</span>
Which works everywhere except for the Similar Threads widget.


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We have changed the syntax of the call as the "combined" format is now the preferred approach, but they're really the exact same thing. I don't think this is related to your main issue.

I'm not sure exactly how you're calling your extension, but it sounds like you'd need to be changing the macro that's actually called for your extension point to work. To do that, you'd probably need a template modification.

But I assume you're just wanting to add an icon here based on type, so that just seems like a direct template modification rather than using an extension. (Though based on your code, you seem to be naming an extension point the same as one that is already in the template and that could be related.)