[XFA] Nodes Icon Tweak

[XFA] Nodes Icon Tweak [Paid] 2.8.1

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The only problem I have with this addon is the view windows are SO narrow and small. Can we get a pop up window or resizeable window at least?

I wish there was a way to reorganize the order of the icons as well... it gets to be a HOT MESS with all different sized icons...



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I admit if you put big images it can get messy.
I would need to do something to ensure the images get the size set below in that box.

Regarding reoganizing, only way is file names.

I can not really see the Fontello icons. Can anyone help me? I chose the icons, downloaded files uploaded all over ftp. I have enabled "Use Custom Icon" but it looks like this in a forum:
Schermata 2017-09-26 alle 20.49.45.jpg
Just bought this and installed it. Is there a proper manual anywhere explaining how to use it? It took me ages, and I mean about an hour and a half, to track down the interface to the node tree, and now I’ve found it I can’t see any Font Awesome icons even though these seem part of the package and were uploaded to the server. If I select the Font Awesome option, click on ‘lower’ or ‘upper layer’ I just get a load of blank squares rather than icons to pick. I also need to know how to get it to work with a child of a stye etc, and again can find no help or documentation. I just need some indication how to use this product and can find nothing beyond basic install/uninstall instructions over at Xen Factory.


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No there is no manual available as there is nothing complicated in using the add-on.

Regarding your font awesome problem, it may because files are missing but if you said you uploaded them correctly that's odd.
Do you have any error in the browser console ?

Hi Clément, thanks for responding. I enclose a screenshot of the lack of Font Awesome icons. I've just double checked the folder structure and all the XFA folders are where they should be including the Font Awesome folder. I got no errors or anything running the add-on script and this aside it looks correctly installed.

I am new to XenForo having just migrated from vBulletin so I'm very much still finding my way around, but I can't see what I have done wrong here.


Yes, definitely all there in forum/styles/xfa and all your folders within, plus all the other ones in the other locations. I'm very confident it is up on the server right, it is only XenForo I'm learning!

What should I be looking for in the browser? I'm running Safari on a Mac if that is significant at all.
I've never used the developer console before so I may have missed something, but there is one error:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found): /forum/styles/xfa/nodesicontweak/config.json

The above named file does not exist in the zip file I downloaded from you, and therefore doesn't exist on the server either. All that is in that folder is an index.htm file.


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That would be if you activated the option to use fontello icons and didn't upload the files.

Would it be possible for you to give me a temporary access to admincp to check what is going on ?
If so, please send me info per PM.