XF 1.4 XFA blogs file path server errors


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Now that I'm using *******'s custom 404 addon, it's logging a flood of file path errors associated with the XFA blogs addon.

Normally, I'd ask in that thread, but its developer, Kentosaurus, appears to have abandoned his plugins a few months ago.

Here's an example of the errors I'm getting:

which should be for the URL

However, *******'s 404 log says it comes from

It looks to me like a file path error with some of the graphics calls, relative rather than absolute. Unfortunately, that's as far as I can get - I can manage basic HTML editing, but I'm not properly familiar with xenforo's dynamic templates so I'm not sure where to look.

I also don't know whether the errors are called up specifically because of using the IP being called up instead of the domain name.

Anyone have any pointers at all, pretty please, with sugar on top?

EDIT: I've changed the base ref URL to sffchronicles.com, but I suspect that more than that will be needed.
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