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[XFA] Avatar Identicons [Paid] 2.0.0

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[XFA] Avatar Identicons - Provide your members with the capability to create a unique Identicon Avatar from their username.

An Identicon is an avatar that corresponds to a unique hash of data. For more information, visit the Wikipedia page.

Once this add-on is installed on your forum, your users will be able to select to use as avatar an automatically generated Identicon created from their username if authorized through permissions.


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Ahhh okay, only reason I asked was because the names are pretty much identical and the other hasn't been updated for a while. And because I saw you'd also released a countdown addon that seems to be exactly the same as the CTA one, so was curious if you'd taken over some addons already released :)


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I purchased and installed this add on. Is there a way to automatically assign a new user with an identicon/avatar.


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Actually there is no way to assign avatar identicon automatically
Please create thread in our support forum