XF 2.0 XF2 Text Field in Options


Previously Cylent1
I am making an addon that writes text to a block in adminPC.
I have the block already created and the text field option.

I know I can use this in style properties {{ property('propertyID') }} to write to the block,
but what is the equivalent in XF2?
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Previously Cylent1
Ok I have figured out the above.
Now I need to be able to use HTML.
and I am guessing thats what this is for? {$content|raw}
but how to use it?


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As in without HTML escaping? Your hunch with |raw is correct. There isn't really anything else with how to use it though.


Previously Cylent1
I figured out using raw HTML in options, but what about in style properties?
I tried this {{ property('My_Property|raw') }} but it does not work.
Any Suggestions?