Cannot reproduce xf2: rebuild addon does not delete existing widget definitions which are not included in actual build release


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Affected version
1. create definition for widget for addon
2. build release and install addon in production
3. remove widget definition in addon
4. build release and rebuild addon in production (same build number)
=> 5. widget definition is still on the production install. I have to go to developer modus on the production site and delete the widget definition


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I have same issues but the widget templates does not have updated to latest value. Unless i remove the addon and install again. But when i rebuild addon through cli it is work.


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I wasn't able to reproduce this. Essentially, the reproduction steps are really just create a widget definition and then rebuild the add-on via the control panel. If you don't do a data export between those steps, the XML won't have the newly created definition.

After the rebuild, the new widget definition has been removed as expected.

Can you still reproduce this?


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I cannot reproduce this any more.

I do not work on that addon any more. I reported it just because I had this issue of the still existing widget definition in production and @truonglv somehow had same issues. It is totally possible that the issues is not in the current xf release ! For me, this issue is closed.