Implemented [XF2] Move Post Below message content ad type position to Post Below message content container


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Quite easy, but the Adsense-blocks are quite close to other content. I think google doesnt like this and can close your account for this, or?

How can I get some space (some cm) in between? :unsure:

This is very much correct and Google has already warned me for this after upgrading to XF2. They mailed me the below:

Publishers are not permitted to encourage users to click on Google ads in any way. This includes any implementation that may cause accidental clicks, such as:

  • Placing ads near clickable content such as flash games, site links, or any navigation bars
  • Implementing the ads in a way that they might be mistaken for other site content
  • Ad implementation which can be overlapped with drop-down or expandable content

XF should consider moving Post Below message content ad type position to post container area (Probably name it something like Post Below message content container) like Ads Manager 2 add-on does. So in future rest of the XF2 forum owners won't face problems like we faced.

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Where I can move this content container? :unsure:

Because they are super close to other content. I am using in the CP under "advertising" the Container content: Above and Below for two google Adsense banners, but I am bit scared they maybe too close...

Which template-code I have to change? :unsure:

Maybe XenForo-Creaters should give their "advertising-containers" more space....

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This is implemented for the next release. I've created a new advertising position rather than changing the existing ones.

Ads in that position (if styled appropriately) will look like this:


This is the advertising HTML used in that position:
<div style="display: flex;
    justify-content: center;
    margin: 10px 0;">
    <img src="" />