Lack of interest XF2 menu item to add thread/media/etc


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The most frequently asked question I get in my helpdesk system is "how do I start a thread?".

XF2 has helped somewhat by adding some buttons in key places - but I think we can do better.

It's quite reasonable to expect to be able to go to one of the menus at the top of the page expecting to be able to add new content, whether that be a new thread or upload new media or create a new resource.

Especially if currently viewing a different part of the forum - for example, viewing some media and deciding to start a new thread, or reading a thread and deciding to upload something to the gallery.

Can I suggest that we add an option to these menus?



... or something along those lines?


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I'd like a global 'Post' button that is always visible on the navbar, next to the lightning bolt.

Then there should be a workflow guiding the user to pick the content type, then the relevant area for that content type.

I've been meaning to make a mockup, but haven't had time, however if you download the official Reddit app and have a go, you'll see a working version similar to what I'm thinking.

You can see some screenshots on the bottom of this post:
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