XF 2.2 How to add thread borders?


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I know it's a very broad question but it's a rather simple one;
For starters, I am very new to CSS and I'm trying to make threads have borders where it separates the user tab (I don't know what it's actually called) and the thread itself (also hoping to colour the user tab as well). I was wondering if someone could help me find where to put/edit that in?

I also have a custom theme on as well, so as far as I'm aware it's in style properties and page setup but again, I don't know how to do css properly

I'm looking for something similar to how this site has it set up

And my site doesn't have it.
You have this defined:


Remove that and it's fine:


If you need to keep the transparency elsewhere then either use a more specific class, or later in the less template explicitly add the right border back for the message user block.
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