Lack of interest Add Thread Images to Widgets

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hello xenforo sir,

currently xenforo has 19 widgets:
Today's birthdays, Find member, Forum statistics, HTML, Member stat, Members online, New posts, New profile posts, New Threads, Newest members, Online statistics, Php callback, Share this page, Thread pool, Visitor panel, XFMG: Albums Slider, Gallery statistics, Latest comments, Media slider

Please add "Thread Images" as another widget,

@xfrocks has this option in his xf1 widgets addon

How it works:

Thread Images widget, would take the 1st Image in the whole Thread,
so if there is no image until post #4, that would be the first image found


then the widget take the first image in that thread, is it is the image for that whole thread,
the you can pick where u want the widget,

i would pick top, bottom forum, or side bar
when you click on picture it takes you to the thread

for options:
you can pick Thread Image widget options:
Latest Replies, Recent Threads, Most Liked Threads, New Threads, etc

bd image had many options, but hes not going to make this add-on anymore because he doesn't have widgets add-on anymore for xf2

tank you!!

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now that xenforo announce last post avatar thumbnail

also my suggestion expands with this suggestion,

please also add last post thread thumbnail!!


tank you!!