XF 2.0 <xf:title></xf:title>


Formerly Zuse
When I remove the insides of it, it leaves a big gap and when I remove the whole thing, it brings back the title. How do I remove that area completely????


Formerly Zuse
Thank you!

I am all for SEO but my board title is long and to have that on every page is annoying. I am using a portal and wanted that page free of the long title. So using the code you provided, will keep it hidden but still work for SEO purposes?

Chris D

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It will remove the h1 tag, but the <title> tag will still be there (the title that appears in the browser tab, it won’t be displayed on the page anywhere).


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Which temple do you add the <xf:h1 hidden="true" /> to, to get rid of the page titles on every page?
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