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Bit late now seeing as that i've already bought my license....

I've skimmed over various parts of this forum and discovered that there's some sort of legal something or other between the developers of XF and Internet Brands/vB...

I just want some confirmation of XF's future really, even if they send the XF developers to share the showers at Pentonville with Mr. Big.

I don't want to launch my brand new community if I have to upgrade to different software within 6 months for example.


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Highly doubtful that anything would happen to affect your use of the SW.......IMHO, and in the opinion of many who have looked at the "merits" of the case. Anyone can sue anyone and often does - but that means little without clear proof.
I've been using computers as a hobby and as a living since 1980 and really can't recall a single case where anything like this resulted in the "worst" option.....
Personally, my pending trial and adoption (if ever done) of XF depends much more on the company and user community than on any current or future lawsuit, especially those with seemingly little merit.


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Everyone is very confident regarding the law suit but at the same time, many were confident it'd get dismissed last week and it didn't. That's going to put a lot of people off moving until it's all sorted which is what VB want unfortunately :-(

I've purchased a license and have XF set up as our test site but I'm still wary of going live until all the legal stuff is sorted. I'm assuming that once XF 1.0 is stable and the few add-ons I need are ready then the legal stuff will be over anyway.


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Yeah I know :-(

That's why provisionally we're planning to upgrade mid-summer but are prepared to wait until the end of the year if necessary. I'm hoping at least by the summer we have a better idea of what might happen.
Well, what's the worse that can happen?
Nothing .. But in the meantime - you will see happiness with this awesome proggy.. Patents and the like is something which the devil has created and brings nothing but a mass casualty and stops everything innovative thinking among creative programmers .. Enjoy - I will! ..


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Well, what's the worse that can happen?
Tough one. Only opinions.
BUT, the chances of something happening which actually affects me as a user...IMHO...is somewhat less than or equal to the chance of this company or even IB just folding or deciding they don't want to develop any longer. In other words, IMHO, it is the same as all the other risks we all tend to take every day in our businesses.

In the worst case, a tree would have fell on my house in the 50MPH winds yesterday and snuffed me out!

On the positive side, since this and other such SW is pretty much an open book once released (mysql, php, etc.), in the case of a worst case, chances are that you'd be able to export and import most stuff. So, realistically, that is the worst that can happen in any such case - and it is more likely to happen in the normal course of business than because of an action like this.

In this case, I'm not a rebel. I could use to upgrade my forum. If VB had been decent and getting rave reviews....and the company was 1/2 way decent, I'd probably be headed that way. But, at this point, if XF didn't exist I'd be looking at the other free and paid forum sw and simply deciding which is best for me. I can't say, though, that I don't cheer for the underdog.....always have, always will.


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If xF does lose the lawsuit - they would have to pay vBulletin for the damages, that's according to a post I just read.


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You're asking people to speculate on something no-one can possibly know the answer to.
Every single thing that has and will be posted on this issue, apart from by those who are involved, is personal opinion and speculation.
Guess we'll just have to sit tight.


Just stop thinking about it. Nobody knows what will happen. This has been discussed over and over again and there is a very big thread about this in off topic.
The only Persons who can give us the infos we want are the Developers, and i guess they will as soon as they have the informations themself.
Everybody would like to take a look into the future..... but it does not help anybody to speculate on what might be and what could not.
So please.. Stop it and just think positive.