Duplicate XF Subversion

Mike Edge

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What about creating a XenForo subversion or GIT on the download server using the same user/pass login as member area so 4k files don't need to be uploaded every time we upgrade. This would help speed up the process of upgrading. I'm sure countries with bandwidth limiting or still paying per GB would love this too. I have 30Mbps uploading and it still takes a good 5 min or so to upload the upgrade files, as were subversion would have compared changed files and pulled them over in a matter of seconds.


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Surely it takes seconds to upload the zip and unzip it on the server? Isn't that the recommend approach rather than uploading thousands of files individually?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Yeah pretty much.

If we ever implemented anything like this, I'm not sure what the exact mechanism would be, but it really just falls under the same category as this:

We'd basically be doing it all within the Admin CP for you rather than adding some sort of semi-public repository. There's fairly large issues with that plan seeing as each customer download is unique.