xF One Month Old!


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Well its one month today since xF became available. :) I have it running on one brand new forum and it has gone down well. The feedback from members has been very positive. Still plenty to do but its definitley on the right road and a long way down it already. I have a biggy to convert, but I have issues with, subs and need a few mods first, but its on vB 3.8 which is pretty solid so I am quite happy to wait till the modders get cracking.

Kier and co, thanks for this software, I hope you guys are just getting on with it and this IB cloud is not stealing too much of your blue sky. Best wishes :cool:


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LOL, it seems like at least a year or so, because from the start of the "crisis" last October I have been waiting for this event, I never thought it would be such a sensational story though.