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XF not working after apt-get dist-upgrade


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My XF site has stopped working after running an "apt-get dist-upgrade" for my server :(
Website now returning "An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later." Nothing more in page source.

MySQL is running fine, can connect via console cli
Nginx is working, a test static/html site works.
phpinfo(); works, returning normal and mysqld.sock pointing to the correct path/file

nginx log shows no errors, and php5-fpm log shows no errors too.

What else should I be checking?


Well-known member
Thanks, all fixed.
The upgrade brought in percona and php5 updates. Updated those many times before, without issue.
Was careful to ensure that I kept current config at all times.
Ended-up restarting mysql and then php5-fpm again, and then working fine. Not sure why it failed, and both daemons were already running.