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XF Front Page

Discussion in 'General XenForo Discussion and Feedback' started by Ryan Kent, May 16, 2011.

  1. Ryan Kent

    Ryan Kent Well-Known Member

    The more I look at it, the more I enjoy how it's simple and clean design. I would share the suggestion that you offer it with XF since there is not a CMS available. Either way, I'd like to ask if you guys wouldn't mind sharing the template/code so I can use it on my next XF site which I will start soon.
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  2. GodForum.com

    GodForum.com Well-Known Member

    The Front Page is the most important page of any website yet gets completely neglected.
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  3. Ryan Kent

    Ryan Kent Well-Known Member

    I just purchased another XF license today. I'd like to renew this request, and also ask about the shopping cart used on the official XF site as well. I realize there are lots of shopping carts out there, but the look/feel of the ones I have found is rather poor, and this site's cart is perfect for my needs.
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