XF for non " XF Developers " ?

El Bambù

New member
Hello everyone, i'll be interested in buying a license to build my own community, i'm a developer myself and my main tools are React for the frontend and Nodejs / Java for the backend.

I really like the base structure/tools XF offers, but there are a ton of other features i'd like to build ( or have already built myself with my languages ).

Now i don't want to go through the hustle of learning PHP and the actual XF template system ( which i had the pleasure to try with the demo you guys offer and it's not really my cup of tea though i assume i'll have more controll with the code in front of me rather than the admin panel ) more than necessary.

So i was wondering if it's possible to just use XF as base structure and build new stuff in a language ( mainly concerned about the backend since i don't really have the time to get into PHP too much while i'm confident with JQ & the front end part ) that i know and then wrap it in an addon that XF likes and uses it