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I'm not sure what is the question. You have 83 likes on your FB page. In forums language, it's like having a board with 5 people. 83 Likes on Facebook pages is very low, so i'm not sure why are you expecting people to come to your forum from Facebook.


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TBH I tried something similar recently and the feedback I got from our members was that a Facebook "page" isn't really how people like to use FB. In comparison with a regular personal profile a FB page is "dead" - that is to say the communication is just one way, author to readers.

I posted content and links from my forums and expected it to generate traffic from FB to my sites. It didn't happen, and once I understood why, I closed all the pages.

Have you tried doing the reverse and encouraging your members to "share" your site content on Facebook and Twitter with the built-in links at the bottom of each page (assuming you have them enabled)?

Matthew Hawley

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I created a Facebook page for my forum site but are finding that the FB page is getting an extreme amount of use but no one ventures onto the web site forums.

I have placed FB comments on the page promoting the forums and asking them to use them but no one does...any suggestions of what I can do, thanks

Website: www.aircraftpilots.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AircraftPilots
Kind of off topic here, but I really like your design! :)


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Yes I have, I even have Chris's great FB and Twitter Social Connect addon (http://xenforo.com/community/resources/social-connect-for-facebook-and-twitter.1310/). Many of them post pictures and discuss topics on FB and I copy them to the site but they still prefer to just go to the FB page and mix with other FB users sharing their content.

The funny thing is that I have another site which also has a FB page and no one really uses the page:
Site: http://www.recreationalflying.com/
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/RecreationalFlying

Kind of off topic here, but I really like your design! :)
Thanks Matt...I have 3 sites and they are all linked together with single registration/login, they have their own domains and different color versions of the same style but cover different areas of the same topic so users can stay on a site that is just their interest or if their interest in the topic is broader they can flick between the other sites and stay logged in...Note that this system requires separate XF licenses.