XF 2.1 and NGINX

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I think this is specifically an NGINX problem. I went ahead and got a XF 2.1 license, and decided to do a fresh install to poke around and get familiar before upgrading my 1.5.9 forum.

As I mentioned elsewhere, I've taken a break from forums for a while, but am ready to dive back in. In the interim, I had expanded my technology base, and am now running NGINX to wall off various services I have.

I went ahead, and did the initial install, but when I go to browse the forum, I'm being presented with the internal IP of the IIS server I'm running the site on. Obviously that's not going to work off my network.

I'm guessing NGINX is grabbing the initial requesting, routing it over to the IIS server, and the IIS server is sending it back, but NGINX isn't providing the page with the proper URL, so I'm sure I've got something goofed up in my rule set.

If someone wouldn't mind helping me offline, I would appreciate it.
Are you trying to have Nginx proxy for IIS for some reason?

You should post your site configuration.
Correct, although my long term goal is to move things over to a new Ubuntu LAMP server I'm spinning up. I want to make sure I've got NGINX ready for Xenforo, and unfortunately, I'm not knowledgeable about it to understand what's going on.

Here's my forum portion of my NGINX config:

# http
server {
listen 80;
server_name forum.DOMAIN.com;

location / {

So, this will get me to the actual forum index.php, but any links within the forum are pointed to the internal ip ( I know this isn't anywhere near close to what I need, but wanted to get input before I jacked with anything further.

Thank you very much for your help!
Do you have your site's hostname set to that IP for some reason? In Options -> Basic Board Information in your admin panel.
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