XF 2.1 XF 2.1.9 - Route Filters broken.


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So after upgrading to 2.1.9, I've just tried to create a route filter.

I want to replace pages/microc with /microc so when you go to forums/microc it loads the page.

This already works fine for other pages I'm using.

However, I create the route as normal:


However the page doesn't load unless you add two ending slashes?


but when you add two slashes it works fine...



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It's due to your inconsistent slashes in the find route. It should be pages/macroc/ -> macroc/.

Just noticed that before checking your reply. @Chris D thanks.

Probably too much work to add in but as a fool-proof for numpties like myself who haven't had their morning coffee yet is it not something you guys could build in to override if someone forgets to add the slash?

Chris D

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The slash isn't always required. It depends on the route being filtered.

The general rule of thumb is if the original URL has a slash, the new URL should too and the route filters should have the same slashes.