XF 2.0 will cost me about $10,000


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You don't need to move to XF 2 if you're happy with XF 1.

I know some forums used such a heavily modified VB2 that they never moved to VB3 for example.

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I felt the general tone of this thread was light-hearted banter when I first read it; it has taken a somewhat serious tone.

Either way, as has been pointed out, should any one be genuinely concerned about the upgrade to XF 2.0, it is of course optional and we hope the preview stages will be long enough for most people to get their boards ready (and their resources) somewhat close to when it is ultimately released.

If you have already invested time and money into XF1 development, there is certainly some level of work required to get that XF2 ready, but it doesn't necessarily need to be the same amount of work again. We hope that people will take the time to make the most of the new things we've developed for XF2, but with some amount of refactoring it shouldn't be too difficult to port most stuff over.

We're still working hard towards having a preview installation for everyone to try out (on track for Autumn/Q4), and if all goes well there will be a downloadable preview which will be ideal for the purposes of getting started on your XF 2.0 development.
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If you have already invested time and money into XF1 development, there is certainly some level of work required to get that XF2 ready, but it doesn't necessarily need to be the same amount of work again.
That's very good to know!

And I hear you @king8084. It won't cost us anywhere near as much, but the costs will still bite. Progress is expensive!

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Just for clarity: We're on track to have an installation of XF 2.0 for you guys to play with as users this year, Q4. This will be hosted here for the purposes of testing the software as users, finding bugs and providing feedback.

This was announced here:
What's next?

At this point, the absolute vast majority of the functionality has been added. There are still some smaller pages and functions here or there that we need to support, but the core functionality is basically all there. That said, our todo list is far from empty. As any developer will tell you, you check off one thing and add two more. We're still working hard, but we're making very good progress.

When we feel it has reached that point, the first step will be to create a separate demo installation so that everyone can start playing with XenForo 2.0 as an end user. We'll be gathering feedback, making changes, fixing bugs, and working on things in the background that you won't see. :)

The next step would be what could be considered an alpha or a developer preview. This will be the first time that customers will be able to try out XenForo 2.0 on their own server and work with the code/templates. We do not intend on limiting this to selected developers. However, you will not be able to upgrade into this version and you are unlikely to be able to upgrade out of it. You will likely also have to do installation using the command line and taking some manual steps. This preview is specifically designed to start getting initial feedback from developers (and stylers) and keen enthusiasts.

Following that, XenForo 2.0 will go through the usual beta process, like any other 1.x release. However, this process may be longer due to the scope of the changes made and to allow us further time complete additional tasks, such as updates to our official add-ons.

When's this going to happen?

Each step of the process is dependent on how the previous one goes. Therefore, it would be very hard for us to suggest when a stable version--or even the beta--version will be released. However, our goal is to begin gathering feedback via the demo installation in autumn 2016.
The downloadable preview will be available some time after that feedback gathering takes place. We don't have a date for this, yet, as it depends on how quickly we get finished the final pieces of the puzzle and how much work the feedback generates ;)
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I get the pain – it's going to cost me rather a lot of otherwise-billable hours to get my add-ons rewritten. That said, I'm seeing it as an opportunity – the two custom applications on my site are literally the first two programming projects I ever completed, so they're a bit... rickety, let's say. :D I'm looking forward to the chance to rip them both out and start from scratch with the 3+ years of professional experience I gained between then and now!


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In a case like this, I would have to suggest at least upgrading to Windows 7 as Windows XP is no longer supported at all and Windows Vista's extended support ends April 11, 2017. That and Windows Vista has some issues that Windows 7 fixed.


You're putting yourself at risk by using Windows XP or lower.
I won't be leaving Windows 7 until I'm much older and grayer. Win8 and 10 showed me all I need to see. No, thanks.


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One thing I hope 2.x does is bring thread title editing under the normal Edit Post screen. As it is, changing a thread title is a separate deal from editing a post. Unintuitive for members.