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Xentestic Style Preview

Discussion in 'Resource Discussions [Archive]' started by p4r4, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. p4r4

    p4r4 Member



    im just working on a style to learn a how the xenforo styleeditor works.

    before i want to release the style,... just give me some feedback please :notworthy:

    here are some WIP Screenshots:

    xentestic_beta_01.PNG xentestic_beta_02.PNG xentestic_beta_03.PNG

    the style isn't ready now... many details are not so how i want to have them, but... i hope you like it a little... [=


    header (its just a dummy)
    breadcrumbs hovereffects
    help page
    editor symbols for dark style
    background for intern page
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  2. glorify

    glorify Well-Known Member

    Looking good. :)
  3. shenmuee

    shenmuee Active Member

    i like it =)

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