Inline preview of first post in thread list (reddit-style)


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It would be nice if we could preview the first post of a thread in the thread list by clicking an icon. For example in the suggestions forum, we could read the suggestion without visiting the thread. And if this suggestion was added, we could upvote/downvote it.

If clicked on the icon


This happens:

Upvote 2


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you can hover on desktop at least

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Yeah, but that has a lot of problems.
  1. One, as you also realized, it doesn't work on mobile.
  2. Two, I have to move my mouse over it and wait for it to trigger. There is a delay.
  3. Three, if my mouse is moved away, it disappears. So I have to be extra careful to be precise.
  4. Four, I cannot have multiple previews open at the same time like this. As inline, I could open the first thread and second thread as inline and compare their contents. As a tooltip I cannot do so.