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Wildcat Media

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While working on some styles for a forum makeover, I have been using a lot of the LESS functions in the style properties (both in the Color Palette and Basic Colors pages, as well as a few entries in other places). The functions do work when I test the style, but some of the functions do not work in the preview on these style properties pages.

For instance, spin does not preview. The spin variable works on the page, but it is not previewed on these style properties pages. Try something like spin(@xf-paletteAccent1, 180) and you'll see what I mean. The preview only shows up as a question mark. (The spin property is a value on a 360 degree color wheel, and to find a complementary color on the wheel, you'd want to pick one at 180 degrees.) Reminder, the LESS function does work on the public page, but not in the style properties preview.

It's not essential, but it does save me a lot of work if I can see the effects of spin, desaturate, shade, tint, etc., which are not supported in previews. (It saves having to reload a page several times while tweaking a value by just a couple of percent each time.) I suspect this would only require an update of XF's coding to account for these missing functions.
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