Ernest L. Defoe

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I would like to invite you all to come and check out my new site xenTastic. The overall goal of this site is to make it easier for people looking for custom addons or themes to get with the people that can make it happen. So if you make custom themes or addons please feel free to join up. Another goal of this site is to be similar to what xFShowcase used to be. I encourage all addon and theme designers to join and post your items in our Resource Manager. As the site grows we will add more and more stuff like contests for themes or addons and such. In order to be able to access certain areas of the site like the Resource Manager and certain forums you must validate yourself on the site using your license validation token. We are using @King Kovifor's validation addon and no token information is stored on the site. We are using @Audentio's UI.X theme but have added @Shelley's Redactor icons to spruce the theme up a bit.