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Hello Guys,

I have the XenStaff addon added to my site (https://visionaryislands.com). When you click "Staff" in the header bar at the top, it redirects you to XenStaff and displays the staff members as it should.

Currently, when you click on "Staff" it will take you to "https://visionaryislands.com/?XenStaff/" however, I would like to change it to https://visionaryislands.com/Staff. I have done some research online and a few people have suggested to set up a Route Filter so I tried that and I think I did something wrong.

Can anyone help out? Please see below what I already tried.



You have an erroneous . in the find field.

Change it to xenstaff/.

That assumes the route is xenstaff but if it doesn't work, you may need to contact the add-on author for further assistance.
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