route filters

  1. KensonPlays

    XF 2.0 Route Filters for specific board?

    For some reason, it won’t let me route /forums/blog/ to /blog/ — Is this possible? Screenshot attached is what I attempted to do. Unsure on why I can’t make <SITE>/forums/blog/ redirect to <SITE>/blog/
  2. M

    Do route filters have a performance hit?

    Does having too many route filters affect the performance of the server? Switching from a vB4 install, I plan on making some route filters for my most active members in the style of for around my top 50 members, I don't know if having too many filters taxes the server much...
  3. MR.MB

    XF 1.5 need help for my threads on google (Route Filters)

    HI, I use Route Filters for few days after that i remove it but google get no change for back when i try to remove the filters i see that all the threads on google not come back to normal url i cant access my threads from google now if i remove the filters so anyone can help me what can i do...