XenPorta examples


I have been reading that a number of people are using XenPorta as a CMS instead of WP. I would like to see a few examples of what this looks like.


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Im pretty proud of our XenPorta landing page. http://www.doberman-chat.com
edit: scratch that, i just updated the plugin to the latest build and it blew my customization's out.. Restyling them now.


Your site not allowing me to view the full site on a mobile device is beyond annoying.
Let me know via PM what you mean by this. We have members on mobile that constantly go on our site and haven't complained too much about it. Yes, there isn't a definite mobile version but it's still accessible.


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Can I ask why?
Bd Widget and @lms addon's has all the widgets I need. Plus when I request a widget, he usually makes one for a donation. Both xfrocks and lms support their addons as well, which was a game changer for me and their widgets work on ALL pages unlike xenporta.