XF 1.1 XenPorta conflict

I am using both XenPorta and Donation Manager. Donation manager comes with a sidebar that I can add into my pages.
Problem is accessing the sidebar (turning it on).

I have contacted one of the devs of Donation manager, he says he asked someone who used both Donation Manager and Xenporta for a solution. The person said this:

"Check if XenPorta is replacing the default sidebar, if it is and you change it back and the donation manager works then that would be the cause."

Now the question: How do I change back to default sidebar with XenPorta?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
XenPorta uses a layout manager which only applies to the portal by default, but you can apply custom layouts to other areas as well:

Admin CP -> XenPorta>Options -> Globalized Custom Layouts