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X_Plaza submitted a new resource:

Xenplaza - Number Viewing a Forum (version 1.0.0) - How many visittors are viewing a forum ?

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This addon will show on the forum list (included subforum), where it says how many visittors are viewing a forum.

- Upload all contents of upload folder to your forum root
- Import XML file in your forum ACP
- Find this line in...
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Me too. I'm really minding the performance of the site these days.
It will add one very fast query to get data from session activity table. Depending on the user activities, this add-on will add
  • One extra query for each member viewing a thread to determine the thread's forum id. This query is fairly fast because it uses thread_id (the primary index) to query data.
  • One extra query for each nodes to get its child nodes. This query is not very fast. It may be quite slow if you have many nodes.
So with 100 logged in users browsing the site: 5 of them are viewing threads, your site has 10 nodes (forums, pages, categories). For each forum index request, this add-on will add 1 + 5 + 10 = 16 queries. This post is written after reading the code, I'm not confident enough to install this on my live server yet. Will update this post after getting home and install it on my local machine.

Edit: So I installed this on my local machine and forum_list query count jumped from 9 to 13 with 3 forums + no other logged in user. If I go to view a thread and refresh forum_list, the counter jumped to 14 as expected.


This person was banned for pirating XenForo add-ons.
I don't think you are likely to receive an answer ;)


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Hello, loved this add-on! Could you please make a version of it that shows the members who are reading the Forum?
I've added this for now, I'd like to get the query count down though, is there a way to cache the system or have it fetch every 15 mins or so?
The developer of this addon will not connect there anymore, so if I were you I won't wait after an answer to your question.
Edit: Syndol was faster than me.