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XenForo's game forums list

this really looks great.

What are the steps to prepare a style with all those fancy graphics?
(I assume I could organize a person who can prepare graphics)
How cooperation looks like in such an example?


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I like games :)
I also like XF for its flexibility, especially in styles.

Do you know about any games forums that use XF as a platform.

I found these:
seems SoE swiched to XF :)

Is it hard to make such a good looking style?
Are there any disadvantages of this approach?
I don't see xenforo on there.


Does that look like Xenforo to you?
@DRE @James
I didn't say that Sony switched to XF.
I said that Sony Online Entertainment (which is only part of Sony) switched to XF with their games or some of their games.


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