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Xenforo's Email Users functionality


Formerly MsJacquiiC
hmmm - hope this is the correct section to post such a testimonial...

So - I'm in the progress of completing a XF to vB migration. It's been an interesting experience to say the least. Mostly an all-positive experience.

So... My community is quite small, with some 1200 members... On my vB forum - sending mail would crash my VPS - so I HAD to install PaulM's Cron Based Mail Queue modification in order to send mail via the vB AdminCP.

I've just made use of the XenForo's "Email Users" functionality. And I must say that these emails went out in about a minute. My server load remained below 1 during the entire sending!

I'm not at all a server Admin - so I probably am not expressing myself as well as some of you IT folks LOL - But I just wanted to start this thread and say SMOOCHES XENFORO!
I think I as well as my members are going to love this migration! I hope so anyway :D