Xenforo's best attribute is .... [insert your one word answer here]

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* Speed (as judged by the user experience)

When coming out with a new version of a product regardless of the importance of a new (or existing) feature ... EVERY forum feature must be weighed against it's payload - an inevitable reduction in overall speed. I find other forum software slow (vB, IPB) and I find the forum experience is wrecked when I have to wait and wait.

Speed über alles.

Stay skinny my friends.

According to you, Xenforo's best attribute is ....


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(You might think that all forum software does "community", but my testing XenForo site is already more fun and engaging to use with four people on it than the live phpBB site with many, many more. Social profiles, Likes, tagging, and alerts are basically the reason for this.)