Fixed XenForo_Search_Searcher::setUser is useless


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Setting _viewingUser explicitly false, disables calling $this->_searchModel->getViewableSearchResults, except you can never trigger this code path without extending XenForo_Search_Searcher as the setUser function has a too-restrictive type argument (array|null, can't set it to false).

    * User viewing for permission checks.
    * @var array|null|false Means disable checks; null means current user
    protected $_viewingUser = null;
    * Sets the viewing user.
    * @param array|null $viewingUser
    public function setUser(array $viewingUser = null)
        $this->_viewingUser = $viewingUser;


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We don't expose direct extension of this class (via class events), so while I believe it would be safe to change the signature of the method, adding a new method -- setNoUser -- is likely a better approach to resolving this.
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