As designed XenForo_ControllerAdmin_User::actionEmailSend doesn't use XenForo_Mail


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Do you mean actionEmailSend?:D (at least that's the name in my file^^)
and in
XenForo_ControllerAdmin_User::_sendEmail XenForo_Mail isn't even used.
It's just
$mailObj = new Zend_Mail('utf-8');
->addTo($user['email'], $user['username'])
->setFrom($email['from_email'], $email['from_name']);


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This is intentional. I'm assuming that there's a suggestion here, but you might want to make another thread for that. :)


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Not really. I was just looking through code and noticed this was one spot where it wasn't used. Thought I'd throw it out there. :) any particular reason why?


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I'm also interested into the reason, because it is IMO a bug.

If i use a proxy mail class to use a own transport (what i'm doing), it won't have any effect in this case and will use the default xenforo configuration instead of my "injected" transport object

(good that i never used the acp mail feature:D )