xenforo with wsl?


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While the most things are ok, i am still stuck with installing xenforo.
There is a database test, a user test with all privileges, a permission for user test to use database test.
Also i can do mysql -u test -p test to work with that user on that database on the console.

Maybe xenforo doesnt know what "localhost" is?

The problem with that wsl2 is that we dont have any fixed ip. Really funny idea from MS to give a linux with a dynamic ip.

Is there anyone who works with xenforo on wsl?
While there is no fixed ip, i can use some scripts to change the ips at several places everytime, when the wsl is started new.
I dont like that, so i just work with "localhost"; when i need a new project, i open the apache_conf for my web and change the path from html to example1, 2, 3 and restart apache. While i dont need more than one web to work with, this is ok for me.

Finally i dont have any more uploads, and i dont need to carry two laptops, when i work somewhere else.

If someone has an idea how to reroute the dynamic ip to fixed ones, that i use for the web, you are welcome.
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