xenForo trademark in a domain name


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Does "xenForo" have exclusive trademark rights to "xenForo" and/or "xenforo?"

When an entity registers/creates a "xenforo" name in a domain name, does it infrindge on the "xenForo" trademark? Why?


What is stopping multiple people from making a "xenforo.domain-name.tld, "www.domain-name.tld/xenforo" or "www.xenforo-name.tld?"

Does "xenforo" or "xenForo" infrindge on the "xen" trademark? Why or why not?

Does it need to be determined/proven the register registered in bad faith? How so?

Would XenForo Ltd. have to take legal action against the domain-name register to disprove negligence of the "xenForo" and/or "xenforo" trademark? Why is that?


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This has been asked before but I can't remember exactly what the response was. Search should find it for you.


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Here you go, first result for "xenforo trademark"

Q: May XenForo be used in domain/site names?

A: XenForo is a limited company, registered in the UK. The company has a website and a distinctive logo. The company also now has a history, which is currently short, but is growing. Therefore the company can demonstrate the right of trademark.

With this in mind, the company wants to protect that trademark, understandably. Therefore, we are not giving permission for XenForo to be used, as part of a site name or domain name (or any name).

Clearly this has potential to become (or has already become) an emotional matter and really, it is quite simple. The point is simply about protecting XenForo trademark. We would be negligent if we did not protect our trademark; for the benefit of our customers future. No one wants to become involved in wrangling over trademark issues, for obvious reasons and we ask that we are not put in a position to have to consider whether to take action.


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XenForo Ltd. does not "allow" xen to be used, they have no control over that.

The only restriction is that the complete word xenforo is not permitted.