Xenforo Shared Hosting Solution in UK


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After years of running and coding on Xenforo, we have decided to use our expertise and offer some quality hosting solution, keeping in mind the needs of forum owners in particular. We have just redesigned our website and product portfolio and we are now offering a significantly optimized environment to care for Xenforo needs.

We have been running our own infrastructure since 2006 and are VAT registered. Our shop is run by people with over 20 year of System Administration and Network expertise, having worked for some of the most renowned ISPs in the world, and we have now setup a CPanel based shared hosting environment that has been in testing and stressing for several months. Our basic package starts at £15.00 + VAT and we are running a 10% discount for orders made by the 13th of May 2013 (look for our twits https://twitter.com/DaVinciDgt)

So come and visit us, even if just to say hi. http://www.davincidigital.com
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