XenForo, serverload, hosting and the Cloud


Hey there,

I've been playing with the XF software with a few users, I'm just wondering how XF compares in terms of resource-demands from other discussion boards. Is it less/more of a resource-hog compared to vBulletin for example?

A forum system like Vanilla Forums appears to be designed to sit up in the cloud - i'm just wondering whether XF is capable of this too?

Similarly, I'm wondering if XF plan on offering paid-for hosting solution to site alongside their forum software?


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Just as a test I set up an EC2 ubuntu server and it ran the software just fine. So it would seem it will run on cloud instances just fine.


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Unfortunately in the forum industry no company that I'm aware actually develops their own testing tools. (Except for some of the big enterprize or SAS forum providers). In other words, everything is subjective. What works on a fresh install in terms of metrics doesn't hold up as users scale up. Furthermore without real testing tools I doubt we'll every get any true comparisons and scaling. One forum software might be great at page output on small installs but absolutely crawl under the weight of 5,000,000 posts. Likewise, another software might have slow responsiveness on smaller installs, but maintain it's speed on huge post tables.

So at this point, sure XenForo is fast. But compared to what? It's pure imagination at this point without any hard data.


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Runs fine on my 512 Linode, but unfortunately I don't have any numbers for you to compare. :)


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I'm particularly weary about setting any service in the cloud. Too many issues with risk that have not been addressed, and have no real solution to them.


This is very important to me.

I run a forum that has about 3,500 users online at any give time, peaking at 20k users during major events. We currently have 435,934 threads, 4,684,860 posts, and 406,004 members. NOTE: We prune all forums and users on a regular basis.

We have a beastly server cluster setup running the forums but perf seems very limited due to limitations with the forum software. Us big guys need better support, and we are willing to pay for it.
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