XenForo Responds Quicker In Chrome


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I haven't tested other browsers, but I'll have several tabs open. Along with Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Lightroom, Yahoo Messenger, Filezilla, Magic Jack, and other things.

Sites powered by XenForo respond quicker, as if it used less resources or something. I'll refresh sites to check for messages or whatever. Most sites hang for 2-3 seconds before showing the refreshed page. XenForo never hangs. It doesn't hang on my site(shared server) and it doesn't hang here. My Wordpress and SMF sites hang, as well as yahoo.com, and other sites.

By hanging I mean a blank white page after the tab being idle for an hour or so. My PC doesn't have much RAM, so it runs slow at times with everything I got on it. I just wanted to point out my personal experience.


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All sites respond quicker in chrome not just xenforo powered ones. Chrome is the fastest browser.