Xenforo Renew and Dev?

A Kawai Yandere

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I want to buy a XF Licence but i don't know if i pay 140$ the next year or if i pay 40$.

I want to work on my Xenforo Theme for my future forum, because if i pay it i want to deploy it the same day, but i can't start the forum developement because i don't have any licence :/
How i can start to work on the theme with no XF ?



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In case that's not clear:
  • Initial Purchase: $140.00
  • Annual Renewal: $40.00

The initial purchase will give you one year of ticket support. (You can still receive forum support when your license expires.) Once the year is up, you'll renew the license with the annual renewal price from that year forward. Also, keep in mind that the prices above are for the basic XenForo package. Those prices will change if you include official XenForo add-ons.