XenForo Paypal Membership Addon

Sadik B

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Hi Guys

I co-own CrazyStrength.com and have been working for over 3 years now with large and small Members Only forums or forums which have exclusive Premium members only content.

We found the XenForo user upgrades system severely lacking and I have over the last 2 years coded a XenForo Membership addon using Paypal's Name Value Pair (NVP) express checkout api. We use it on CrazyStrength and I have personally installed variations of it on several client sites.

Over the last few months I have been wondering if people would be interested in buying such an addon. I have "generalized" the addon and have coded it into a neat package and pretty much decided to list the addon as a paid product. I thought it might be a good idea asking people's opinion on this before I release it both as a way of letting people know about it and asking if at it's current feature set, they would be interested to buy.

The addon Reuses all of the core XenForo user upgrades functionality and so even after install pre-existing XenForo user upgrades continue to function.

Here is what it does

Products can be of 4 types:
  1. Permanent
  2. Timed (One off for a period)
  3. Recurring until cancelled
  4. Payment Installment Plan for X periods

The addon auto generates a sales page from the products you create and you can buy both as a guest or as a logged in member.

The flow always is

Landing Page -> Pay->Register -> Upgrade User or
Landing Page -> Pay->Login -> Upgrade existing user or
Landing Page -> Pay->Upgrade Logged in User

So Guests get to buy from Paypal and then get redirected to Register Page. Once they register the product gets added to their account giving them the usergroup(s) which ever came with the upgrade. With one admin option you can make it a Members Only forum where people have to buy to get in.

Here's an example Sales Page (The white space is where I should have been not lazy and written Product Descriptions):


All of the join now buttons are actually just static links and look like this:

Which means you could create your own Sales page absolutely anywhere (on your blog, facebook, email etc) and still people could pay and register to the forum.

I have also integrated this addon with the wordpress bridge XenWord for a client site where you can decide which xenforo usergroup gets access to wordpress hosted premium content.

On yet another site I have integrated the addon with Stripe for accepting Stripe payments.

The current "repackaged" version yet does not have the xenword file or stripe in there, but I can put them in future versions.

I plan to also include in future versions payment analytics and graphs like cohort analysis with a view to let the system calculate ideal cost price for the products based on premium subscriptions retention.

So the question really is, if I priced this for $99 with 1 year of support and updates with future updates costing $40 per year, would that be something people would be interested in? :)


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Not as is (well, for me). But with business automation features like autoresponder support and OTOs/upsells, definitely yes. Drip feeding content would be make it perfect. Stripe integration is a plus.
Oh, and no branding :p

I think I would be interested.
Some questions though. Can I have people signing up for free and they can talk in one section of the forum and when they pay they
get access to the rest of the forum ?

I also need someone to help me upgrade my Xenforo/configure settings for me and also create or just insert a logo for my Xenforo theme.
I think I need to buy license for that if it is worth to upgrade ?

Then also install this payment system.

Is it enough with my paypal email or what is needed ?
I am also interested in using stripe but I dont know much about them accept they have become popular lately for some reason ?
Do I need to register a company with stripe or is it possible not to ? Will be selling other products on the site and thinking about offering access
to the forum for payment later. thinking of giving away free access to first 100/200 users so there will be some content in there before taking payment for it.
Or free to sign up till december 18 or something.