XenForo or xenForo? And what does it mean?


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I feel that this very important issue needs to be resolved once and for all:

The logo quite clearly says "xenForo", and yet I see so many writing it "XenForo". And what about the abbreviation? If "xenForo" is correct, then the abbreviation should surely be "xF"?

What is the meaning of "xenForo" anyway? I can imagine the "Foro" part having to do with forums. I'm not sure about "xen" though. Does it have to do with the Zend framwork?
Xeno is ancient greek for "strange",
eg in the movie Alien, they call them "xenomorphs" ("strange shape")

Just my 2 cents :)
As for the correct spelling, you only see xenForo written as such as part of the logo.

The official name is XenForo.
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