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I am currently utilizing the XenForo 2.2.13 forum software and I am seeking to engage a developer for the creation of an add-on.

This add-on will facilitate the synchronization of data between XenForo and Nextcloud, accomplished through the utilization of APIs.

The intended data synchronization encompasses the following elements:

User Information: Ensuring that user profiles are harmonized between XenForo and Nextcloud.

Passwords: Implementing a mechanism to securely sync user passwords across both platforms.
Email Addresses: Establishing a seamless integration to keep email addresses consistent.

Furthermore, the aspiration is to seamlessly incorporate Nextcloud into the XenForo environment. In practical terms, this entails:

Attachment Uploads: Providing users with an option to effortlessly upload attachments to Nextcloud when initiating new threads or topics within XenForo. Granting administrative privileges to specify which user groups are authorized to utilize this Nextcloud extension.

User Permission Settings: Granting administrators the authority to define user groups that are permitted to access and use the Nextcloud add-on.

Member Control Panel Integration: Affording users the convenience of a dedicated section within their Member Control Panel. Here, users will be empowered to proficiently manage their files stored on Nextcloud.

In an endeavor to ensure comprehensive functionality and a seamless user experience, there may be a necessity for additional features or enhancements beyond the fundamental requirements outlined above.

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