Xenforo needs a CMS.

old thread, but, I'm starting a new forum that will hopefully replace many many local Facebook groups while also representing our local businesses and organizations better. While traditional forums work for some groups, the groups have to be either established enough to survive the temptation of Facebook or they have to be small enough where size isn't a high priority working goal for the admins (I've got 500 at the moment at ccdforums.com and that's fine). XF took what was already understood to work in a forums environment from everyone's experience with VB and made it better. But XF stopped there and that's the problem. Forums, in and of themselves, are antiquated. Useful but antiquated. The computing power and speed of connections allows so much more in the delivery of content but XF uses little of it.

The most basic stuff is overlooked. Forums are information, social media is visually interesting temptations. The simple tool bar above this box that we all take for granted is spawned from 1st generation MS windows! How about a button that makes it obvious for a first time user, maybe actually encourages them, to post a photo?

Thanks for the replies so far, reading them has helped me to figure out what I'm looking for. Never heard of Invision Community (It's been a while since I've started a new forum) so that was helpful. Will look at the most recent CMS options before complaining anymore......have a nice day y'all.
Not willing to try to integrate Wordpress, had a forum years ago with VB and WP that was a clusterfook, nearly killed the project before it got going.

But here's a question for you folks since you seem to want more. Facebook is the 800 lb elephant in the room for some of us, and part of the problem IMHO, is that Facebook allows much more in the way of spontaneous, frivilous posts where forum posts, especially starting a new thread, can be intimidating for new members.

Here's my idea, how do we make Profile Posts more front and center so that those posts can be spontaneous and frivilous, a steady stream of posts and pictures that bored members can sort through while more intentional threads and posts can keep happening in the forums?

Has anyone ever thought of making profile posts a more prominent part of the forum environment?

Maybe it's a dumb idea, that's ok but thought I'd throw it out there.

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