XF 1.5 XenForo Mobile Navigation FA Icons


My site's navigation currently uses font awesome icons. The XenForo tabs have FA icons defined by the extra.css, though the custom tabs have FA icons defined by HTML. These icons work fine on a computer, though in the mobile navigation, the FA icons don't show up when in the mobile pop-up navigation only for the Xenforo tabs e.g. members and resources (notes), though the custom tab FA icons show up fine in this menu. Firstly, is it possible to change the FA icons for the Xenforo tabs being defined by the extra.css to instead being created by HTML? If not, how am I able to make the icons show up for the other tabs in the mobile pop-up navigation?

Attatched is an image of the issue I described. There should be an icon in front of the members tab as defined by the extra.css, though it doesn't appear in the pop-up menu, only when in the main navigation bar on mobile or computer.



Never mind, I solved the issue by simply implementing the FA icons for the XenForo navigation tabs via the navigation.html template.